Have you ever met a random person wearing a logo shirt of yours/ recognizing you?

I have yet to meet a random person wearing one of my Shirts, but I have met fans before that I haven’t personally know, it was exceptionally lovely. :)

I spent tonight making a rendition of ‘Owl City’ ‘The Real World’ on guitar ^.^

So I went to the Doctors…

& my ‘doc’ has told me that I have a bacterial infection, which means I basically have zero energy & I can’t swallow, but the lovely doctor¬†has given me antibiotics which will help speed up my recovery.

So for at least the next few days I will be replying to my mail, playing the piano & laying in bed watching netflix, if you’d like to keep me company that’d be beautiful!¬†

Message me via ask or tweet me or grab a dove & write me a love letter, either way I’ll be over the moon. ^.^